Have you ever stopped to consider how often you use the internet throughout your day? Most of us use the internet regularlyand for so many reasons. It’s convenient to grab your smartphone to look up trivia, movie times, recipes, directions, business hours, and so much more.


While most people still have desktop or laptop computers, a staggering 52% of all internet searches were conducted on mobile devices in 2017. That number is only expected to increase. Based on these projections, it’s important for businesses to design mobile-friendly sites. To that end, here’s a closer look at designing websites for mobile use.


What are Mobile Friendly Websites?


Mobile Friendly


Source: Google Developers


Mobile-friendly websites—also called responsive websites—are tailored to look and function the same across all devices. They typically look much like their desktop counterparts. But they are well-designed to load faster and improve the user experience.


Why Do You Need a Mobile-Friendly Site?


With so much at stake, your site should be accessible to your entire audience—regardless of the device they use. Having a website optimized for mobile is imperative for several reasons. Here are some of the most compelling reasons to make your site more responsive.


Speed Up Load Times


Mobile Friendly


Source: Financial Tribune


According to Google, 53% of mobile users will leave a site that takes more than 3 seconds to load. Mobile load times are important to customers who have busy, hectic lifestyles. With users being so quick to abandon a slow website, it becomes vital that your site loads quickly.


Boost SEO


To help ensure mobile users get the best experience on the internet, Google boosts sites that are optimized for mobile.  It’s a terrific incentive because users get a properly formatted mobile site, and the site owner gets a boost on their SEO marketing efforts.


Improve Customer Experience



Source: AT&T Experience


It’s not enough to just have a mobile version of an existing site. Redirecting to the mobile site can slow loading times. Also, if the site has a poor mobile layout, it will have a high bounce rate. It’s essential to have a well-designed mobile site that’s easy to use, loads fast, and provides the user with a pleasant experience. There’s just too much competition on the internet to do anything else.


Get an Edge Over the Competition


Speaking of competition, while many businesses have websites, only a percentage of those have well-designed mobile websites. Does your competition have a responsive, fast-loading site? If not, then having a responsive site for your business will give you a distinct advantage.


How Can You Optimize an Existing Site?


Mobile Friendly


Source: Trend By Designs


If you already have a mobile-friendly site, then stay on top of trends and keep your site updated with valuable content. Studies indicate that mobile retail sales will account for more than 50% of all sales by 2021. As search engines like Google continue to make adjustments to accommodate mobile devices, having a mobile-friendly website in place sets you up for future success. 


In Conclusion


With internet use moving to mobile devices, businesses should design websites that look and function well for every user. The sites should load quickly and provide a user-friendly customer experience. Ultimately, these steps will keep your business in good standing with both customers and search engines.



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