What You Can Do to Positively Manage Your Company’s Reputation

Are you struggling to maintain or repair your company’s reputation? If so, you are not alone. No matter how successful your business is, it will not matter in the long run if your reputation becomes tarnished. Read on to learn three things you can do to positively manage your company’s reputation.

Evaluate Your Company’s Past Actions

By looking back and evaluating your company’s actions, you can find out where you and your team went wrong and how your reputation became compromised. Was this something within your control or something that happened to you from an outside variable. If your company caused this, then you can assess how to do things differently in the future. If your damaged reputation is something that happened to you from outside, then you can decide how to better prevent another future incident. Ultimately, your company is responsible for mending its reputation. The good news is that in the end, you will become stronger as an organization.

Look to Other Organizations and Companies

All companies can learn from watching other companies’ mistakes. For example, the Catholic Church is an organization that has had major scandals. By helping to lobby for new legislation, the organization is improving its image. A new law gives more justice to clergy abuse victims, which shows how the Catholic Church is making an effort to come back from a PR disaster.

As another example, Tylenol, when faced with bottle tampering issues, also made a great comeback. They made great strides by putting the needs of the customers before profits by releasing a new, tamper-resistant cap for their medications. With these and other examples, it’s important to see what worked for the companies and implement similar tactics if your company is faced with a similar situation.

Ask Satisfied Customers for Reviews

Among the large PR campaigns your company can execute, there are also many strategies you can implement at the micro-level. One idea is to reach out to your clients or customers who have had a positive experience with your brand and ask them to write a review. When you send emails or digital surveys, be sure to be kind and not too pushy. Let them know that you appreciate their time. Be wary of offering an incentive since it can be illegal in some states. Even if it isn’t, it may also contribute to your negative reputation.

These are just three ways you can positively manage your company’s reputation. Ask yourself what your motives and values are. Are you looking to do superficial damage control or are you sincere about wanting to do better for your business, your employees and your customers? If you are sincere, often this will show through and you will get better results.

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