Ways to Increase Company Unity Between You and Your Employees

It is really important to foster a good relationship between you and your employees. The level of trust that is built can allow your employees to speak openly with you. They’ll provide you with important feedback about your company, they’ll tell you what they need as an employee, and they’ll be loyal to your business. If you feel like you need to improve company unity, togetherness and morale, there are ways to make improvements.


Getting involved by volunteering in the community can boost company morale and build up your employees, while also creating great PR for your business. Whether you volunteer at an animal shelter or a food bank, this will be beneficial for you and your employees. Try to find things that interest your employees. You can even start a community volunteer schedule that allows different employees to pick the charity or activity that everyone will be assisting on a rotating schedule.

Team Building Activities

There are so many different team building activities that can help foster a new sense of unity between you and your employees. Even going out to lunch periodically is a way to bond. It gets everyone out of the office and talking about something other than work. You can also go bowling, go on an outdoor adventure, take a tour around a local attraction, visit a museum or have a team building consultant come to your work site to host an event.

Improving Communication

Participating in activities together is a great way to increase company unity, but workplace communication needs to be in good shape as well. You can improve communication among your employees a number of ways. Encourage people to stop into your office to chat. They can also email you. If somebody doesn’t feel comfortable talking to you one-on-one, let employees know that they can leave you an anonymous suggestion or concern. As time goes on, people will feel more comfortable talking to you if they know that you care about them.

Increasing company unity can benefit a company in so many ways. You can’t run a successful business on your own. You need to have people you can trust helping you out. In turn, they need to be able to trust that you’re listening. They should also know that you’re going to respond to what they have to say in a way that will benefit them.

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