How to Not Neglect Yourself As a Busy Entrepreneur

The entrepreneur lifestyle is often portrayed as having to give up weekends and put in long hours until you become successful. Although working diligently for your success is a good thing, you should avoid overdoing it. You need to take care of your health, both the physical and mental aspects.

Don’t Overextend

New entrepreneurs have a tendency to sacrifice themselves and their well-being for their businesses. They view it as giving 120% and staying dedicated no matter what. Some of the top entrepreneurs in the world, however, acknowledge the importance of work-life balance. You shouldn’t overextend yourself. You’ll put yourself at risk of burnout and other health problems when you do. Always schedule time for yourself every day, and honor that time. Don’t let yourself think of business when you’re enjoying your downtime.

Add Wellness to Your Routine

It can be as simple as making company wide nutrition events. You’ll find it easier to stick to eating healthy and looking after yourself when you combine these goals with your company culture. Rather than having a bowl of candy for employees, opt for healthy snacks like nuts and fresh fruit. You can also encourage employees to get up every hour to stretch. Remember that wellness includes eating healthily, exercising, self-love, and taking care of your mental health. Address all areas of wellness. Many people also consider a spiritual practice of some form—whatever resonates with your personal beliefs—to be an aspect of wellness.

Know How to Say No

A problem that a lot of new entrepreneurs have is not knowing how to say no. Or rather, they suffer from the delusion that saying no will make them look lazy or unlikable. This results in them overextending themselves, which, in turn, harms their health. Before you agree to something, ask yourself if you want to do it and if you have the time for it. Say no when you know the answer really is no. It might feel uncomfortable at first, but with time, you will become comfortable saying no.

Following the above advice will prevent you from neglecting yourself as a busy entrepreneur. Remember that your needs are just as if not more important than your company’s. You need to give yourself the proper amount of time to unwind every day. Don’t overcommit to other tasks that eat into your “me time.”

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