How to design a logo ?

How to design a logo?

How to design a  logo Or why you need design a logo to understand that you have to know How much impotent a logo for a brand or a company or any organization .You found that every brand or a company or any organization has a logo that Introduce them.As a result every one wants to make more meaningful logo.If you want to know ,”How to design a logo in one blog article, you are on right place”.I will explain you step-by-step “How to design design a logo”.You can also read our another post , How to be creative?This post will teach you everything about designing the prefect logo for a business or a brand.

  • Understand ,what a logo is and why need it
  • Learn the principal of a logo design
  • Find inspiration for your design
  • Check out the competitor logo
  • Set your own design process
  • Choose the right typography
  • Set the right color combination
  • Avoid generic design
  • Learn how to design software

Understand ,what a logo is and why need it

Logo is the picture of a brand profile.It makes people interest about the brand.So you must know what a logo is. Check out  definition of what is a logo on wikipedia .Logo is a symbol of a brand .Customer can get more information about the brand from the logo.

Website, packaging ,business card or any where have will use the logo.So it is designer’s job to create a best professional logo.

Learn the principal of a logo design

To create an effective and successful logo, you have to follow the 8 principle key of logo design below :-

  1. Simple design
  2. Versatile design
  3. Memorable design
  4. Timeless design
  5. Fresh design
  6. Well balanced design
  7. Originality
  8. Salability
  9. Color strategically
  10. Look great in black and white

1. Simple Design

Simple logo designs trendbydesigns

Logo are used in a variety of way , on different platforms and in various format and size. So a great logo design has to be made on simple concept that give the viewer a clean sense of “Brand” . Remember simplicity is more impactful. Nike, Apple , Fedex, or walmat are a good example of simplicity .A simple logo design help build brand loyalty and customer recognition. 

2.Versatile design

Versatile design​ trendbydesigns

Logo will be on multiple surface may be as long as billboard or as little as pencil, mobile app icon, social icon , stamp. This is why versatility is very important .A good designer understand this and create a logo that works in all surface and make it in vector that scaled to any size.

3.Memorable design

Memorable design​

Logo should be easily memorable that people can take in their memorize for a long time . To do this , you have to design your logo unique . Great example of memorable design are Nike , Pepsi , Coca-cola etc.

4.Timeless design

Timeless design​

It’s not easy to change your logo every year. If you change your logo every year , you have to change all business design element of your brand and your customer will be confused about you and your business .An effective logo should be modern that  don’t flow trend . It will be timeless and effective in 5, 10 , 100 years 

5.Fresh design andWell balanced design

apple logo trendbydesigns

Flow the principles rules of proportion and symmetry of logo design to be create the best logo design . See the bird , lion or fox icon where proper utilize golden ratio and circles of proportional values . You will see ,how to use the golden ratio and proportional value as symmetry  in the apple logo and twitter logo to well balance of the weight of every element .The right proportions will help to make sense. 

Make well balanced and proportional design , learn what is golden ratio, how to us it and circles .Make your design on grape paper.

Fresh design andWell balanced design​ bird
Fresh design and Well balanced design​ lion
Fresh design and Well balanced design​ fox


A logo is a core brand identity of your company that use on your website , products , ads , banner , business card or services. So it is impotent that your logo to be memorable to remain in peoples mind. All unforgettable logo like amazon , apple , Facebook , coca-cola will be at the top of the list in your memory when you will try to remember any logo in your mind .Though you see them non stop but they’re original and unique design. Original and unique  design ask a successful logo that stand out from the crowd by being original , memorable and different .A skilled designer can make a unique , original and memorable concept of your logo that attract a first glance.

The logo will build trust and brand recognition in customer  .Make your company stand out from the completion.

Find inspiration for your design

To get a better idea for logo design you need to find inspiration .But it is not easy .Luckily i have given some website to check out for logo design inspiration.

behance trendbydesigns copy

Behance : Behance is hosted by adobe look like a social media where people ( artists and designer) upload design to show that to others .Behance has a great search option that will help you to get inspiration for your design.Its great feature  relay awesome.

pintrest trendbydesigns

Pinterest :  Pinterest is a biggest image sharing website where you find ton ton idea with your niche related designs.Penterest search system is very helpful for people.


Dirbbble : dirbbbleis another biggest community website for graphic designer . Your can know easily what’s people think , opinion . Many professional designer upload design on there .In this design community you can ask feedback on your design .You can also check out comment from others designer.

Logo of the day

Logo of the day :  Logo of the day is a high profile logo design award scheme that reward the best professional logos and trademarks designed throughout the world . It is also a place to come for logo design inspiration and also a place to discuss , share and rate logo design.


99designs : 99designs is an online marketplace where lot of designers design for other client .This is a very computational marketplace for designer .You can get very close idea for your design from there.

Logo Moose trendbydesigns

Logo Moose : logoMoose is a design community where you get involved in discussion , learn and share design tips and tricks .


LogoPond : For all kind of design inspiration logo pond is a good source for a artist. You can share your design and browse the works of others designers.


Instagram : instagram is a photo and video sharing social service network where every day post a lot of images .Most of talent designer share their work on there. So you can search logo idea here.

Flow your competitor what do they or what do they not.Your competitor want to achieve same goals that you want .So if you monitor your competitors, you will get a better inspiration.


Set your own design process

You have learned a lot of things in this time. Now time to set your own design process. I flow blow steps:-

  1. Take design brief and read very carefully.
  2. Research
  3. Brainstorming
  4. Sketching
  5. prototyping and conceptualising
  6. Refinement and client presentation
  7. Revision
  8. Supply all kind of file to client
  9. Give customer service.

Choose the right typography

Font is most important to make a unique logo.You can use 4 types of font in your design.

  • Serif font
  • Sans Serif font
  • Script font
  • Display font

Serif Font : Serif font work especially well with vintage , elegant and classic . Theses fonts communicate reliability , reverence , comfort and respect to tradition. Examples of Serif Font are Trajan , Trajan-Pro, Georgio italic, Baskarville etc.This are less appealing ,they combine male authoritarian with organic and humanistic style attractive to women.

sans serif font

Sans serif font : sans serif fonts work perfect for modern brands and look clean .This type have small emotional charge and are associated with practicality and common sans serif font examples :- Helvetica , Helvetica bold , Franklin , Gothic , Calibri, Myriad italic , Myriad-Pro etc.

script font

Script font : script font look as handwriting with a pan.It’s communicate elegance , creative thought , tenderness and look more individualistic. This type font are used in an attempt to convey friendliness and close relations. Examples of script font :- Bickham script font , Edwardian script font , Lavanderia script font etc.

Display fonts : Display fonts are highly stylized and eye catching which are uncommon on logos .This fonts express friendliness , richness and uniqueness . Display fonts example are vatencia , giddyup , spaceage round , cooper etc. 

Set the right color combination

Color psychology

Color has a powerful effect on our brain. It can highlight our business and attract the right customers.Color psychology tell us that impact our emotions and behaviors.Lets explain some color psychology that help us to set the right color combining in your logo and others design.

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