Communication Platforms Your Business Shouldn’t Be Neglecting

Communication Platforms Your Business Shouldn’t Be Neglecting

Communication seems more diversified than ever these days. Indeed, it almost seems as if new social networks and communication platforms are popping up daily. As a business owner, it can be easy to jump on board the next hot platform or social network and shift your attention to a place that is new and unproven. However, the advent of popular new social networks does not mean that you should immediately ignore other tried-and-true channels. Here are three platforms that you need to pay attention to as a business owner.

Text Messages

Text messages remain an easy and inexpensive way to connect with your customers. Text messages have a 98% open rate, so you would be missing a huge opportunity by not using them to engage with your customers. Think about it: When you get a text message, don’t you open it right away? There are platforms that allow you to text a massive number of people and manage their responses. Keep in mind that there are certain regulations pertaining to opt-in requirements, so make sure you have permission before texting.


Many businesses have moved away from using email as a method of communication. That is a mistake. Email remains a popular and easy way of touching base with your customers. With good content, a high-performing content-management system and relevant information, your business can easily market itself in an intelligent, timely and useful way. Plus, email marketing is incredibly inexpensive. You often only have to pay if you choose to use an email marketing service to help manage your campaign.

Postal Mail

While much of marketing has shifted away from postal mail, the fact is that direct mail still works. It does require that you have an accurate database, high-performing graphics and a relevant message. However, people still open their mail. Depending on the demographic you’re trying to reach, your target customer may be more likely to respond to a letter or postcard rather than an email or text message. Mail’s effectiveness often depends on your product as well, so be sure to consult with a marketing professional before deciding which communication platform to use.

The temptation to jump on the next hot platform can be strong if you are a business owner. However, make sure you are smart and disciplined in your approach to marketing. The above three platforms are tried-and-true ways of connecting with customers. Use them appropriately, and you can smartly fold them into your overall marketing efforts.

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