The age-old adage ‘the customer is always right’ has permeated our collective lexicon for decades. In truth, customers can make or break your business. A customer has the power to support your business with sales. By the same token, they can also hurt you through negative word-of-mouth reviews.

Read on to learn more about how customers affect your brand and sales. Then, find out what you can do to make sure the customer influence works to your benefit.

1. Word-of-Mouth Marketing

It’s well established that word-of-mouth advertising is an effective way to find new customers. People tend to trust their friends and family members. Most people will regard personal endorsements as accurate and fair assessments. Billboards and side-banner advertisements are more likely to be regarded with suspicion. This effect has even more power when viewed inversely. Customers are much more likely to spread negative reviews than positive ones.

2. Customer Retention

It’s far more cost-effective to maintain a current customer than to find a new one through paid advertising efforts. Therefore, you will want to maintain your current customer base and grow your business. It’s important to focus on keeping your current customers happy. Consider offering a customer loyalty program or discount for repeat customers and clients. This will show them that you appreciate their continued business.

3. Reviews on Third-Party Websites

Many owners of small- and medium-sized businesses are ignorant of how many times their business has actually been reviewed online. Customers choose often-surprising online outlets to vent or brag about recent business transactions. If you want to stay ahead of your marketing results then you’ll need to keep an eye on any potential reviews coming from websites like Google.

4. Testimonials and On-Site Reviews

Perhaps the best way to control the information being assimilated about your business is to host a review or testimonial section on your own website. This gives customers a chance to view other reviews before making purchases and helps you find and address the customers who do have concerns. Consider importing Google reviews onto your website so that customers can see how pleased your overall customer base is with your service. In fact, Google reviews shape your brand by informing potential customers like no other tool on the web today.

5. Customer Relationships

Building a relationship with your customer is more important than you may realize. In order to build customer confidence in your brand and products, you will need to let the customer know that you care about them even after the point of sale. Consider sending out an email a few weeks after your customer makes a purchase with you to see how they are liking the product or service. This will also serve to give you a chance to collect more reviews and testimonials from customers who’ve yet to leave any feedback.

You want a strong brand that can withstand the occasional customer complaint. This will require that you make your customer base larger and give satisfied customers the chance to be vocal. Cater to customer expectations and set descriptions of your products and services. Also, encourage customers to leave positive reviews for you. Then, share the positive reviews online to enhance your branding and grow your customer base. Build your customer relationships by offering loyalty programs or sending emails to see if they are satisfied with your services and would like to leave a review for you.

Is your website a good platform for your customers to leave a review? If not, why not talk to TrendByDesigns about what we can do to optimize your website to receive customer feedback (among other things).



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