3 Hiring Practices Your Business Needs

One of the many aspects of opening up a business is the realization that you can’t do it all on your own. However, choosing the right people for your staff isn’t as simple as merely selecting the best resumes from the pile. A number of factors come into play, many of which even very experienced business owners tend to miss. Therefore, we’ve compiled the top three tips for hiring the best people for your business.

Background Checks

If the position you’re trying to fill calls for someone who will have to deal with sensitive materials in terms of financial accounts, business data, etc., then a background check prior to a job offer might be in order. You want to protect your clients and your assets, and that begins with bringing in employees who are trustworthy. There is no better indicator than the results of a background check. If someone has committed crimes such as credit card fraud, insider trading, etc., you certainly won’t want them anywhere near your company’s documents.

Reference Checks

Background checks are a great way to gather information on a candidate’s past, but this can be rather expensive. If the position in question requires no interaction with sensitive data and is mostly a routine desk job, then references may be your best bet. These could include past employers, supervisors from the nonprofit sector, former coworkers or past professors. If handled properly, these can be a great source of information.

Look Beyond the Resume

Resumes are a good way of getting an overview of a person’s past work experience, but there’s more to an applicant than a resume reveals. Resumes can be embellished or even fabricated. Employers across the country are coming to the realization that they require additional tools to determine a candidate’s worthiness for a position. Therefore, it is highly advisable to sit down with any candidate and have a real conversation. In addition, it would be a wise move to conduct a pre-employment assessment that includes skills tests appropriate to the work. There are many benefits to using pre-employment testing. These assessments can also encompass aptitude and attitude components specifically tailored to the position. Those will help you discover whether a candidate will fit well into your company culture. 

Adding new people into the company can be a challenge for any business owner. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you adhere to the list above to begin laying down the foundation of a strong selection process.

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