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20 tips on how to be creative in graphic design

Creativity, what is creativity? Did you ever think what is creativity? How to be creative in graphic design ? Did you try to do any creative work especially in design work?As a designer, I have tried to find out the answer to How to become more creative in graphic design. Every creative person has a different process or style to do his work. Everyone does not have the same way of doing things.

I have followed some rules or steps for my work in my professional life. If you follow these steps, you can create creative designs. At the end of the day you will become a creative designer.

How to be creative: 4 easy steps

1. Mind mapping

2. Inspiration

3. Make a design and use your experience

4. Revision and update your designs

Mind mapping: Maybe you’ve heard of mind mapping but are you doing it in the best possible way – the way that suits you best? Create your style of mind mapping.

How to be creative in graphic design
Mind mapping to be creative
  1. Use keyword, images or both
  2. Use circles, number, outline, variety of colors
  3. Use relative word
  4. Try to connect your design to your audience

Always remember your process may not be the same as others. You have to find out, your best method of work by mind mapping.

Inspiration: If your design, or color is not the best for you, you may get stuck for ideas. See what other people have done. There are some great designs out there for getting an idea. Finding what inspires you is a great way to get your feet wet in creative design.See some example below .

your experience to be creative
Use your experience

Make a design and use your experience: By using mind mapping and inspirations from others can make for a great design. Start with trying to match their design in color and overall design. Then put your own ideas into that design. Soon you’ll figure out why they used that symbol and those colors? Remember you also have to design for different sizes, formats, and applications. What will your work look like on a big screen, small screen, in black color and white color or any other colors? Remember to ask where the client will use their design.

Experience can make all the difference when it comes to design. Work experience will come by doing more and more designs and the experience will help you to create a great design.

20 tips how to be more creative in graphic design:  Be a more creative designer by doing these methods.

  1. Relax
  2. Never Give Up
  3. Stay Positive
  4. Get Feed Back
  5. Use Your Imagination
  6. Find Things That Inspire You
  7. Create Different Version Of The Same Design
  8. Continue To Come Up With New Ideas
  9. Try And Draw Out Your Ideas On Paper
  10. Find Out the Negative Points of Your Designs
  11. Think Out Side Of The Box
  12. Give Yourself Credit
  13. Practice Practice Practice
  14. Collect A lot Of Ideas.
  15. Join A Design Community.
  16. Read Design Blogs.
  17. Help People When You Can
  18. Follow Great People  
  19. Don’t Make Yourself Feel Small
  20. Love Yourself, Family and Society

Flow these methods, how to be creative:

Get Relax: Enjoy your time. Do something that makes you happy, do what you love, Play your favorite game, read something that makes you feel positive, writes a diary, take a walk, go for a swim, help people.

Never give up hope: Hopeless people can’t achieve anything in his/her life. But hope makes a person achieve great designs. Believe in yourself,” you can do it”. You can do it.  

Give Thanks: Give thanks to yourself for all things, you are grateful for produces a positive energy flow and vibration. As you feel the love in your heart for all the wonderful blessings and gifts in your life, you will instantly relax. In that moment of warmth and love, you are open to creative energy.

Increase your imagination:  Close your eyes and try to see a scene where you are in, touch something, see the color of the scene. Make the scene more visible. Increase your imagination.

Be inspired: Go to an art gallery, see a natural beauty, read inspirational articles and book, watch motivational videos or a movie, Talk to someone who inspires you.

 Put on paper: Write everything that comes to your heart: Idea, random words, phrases. Draw lines to connect ideas and thoughts: sometimes you might want to circle things.

Never Shutdown any idea: Don’t delete any idea that comes to your heart even a stupid idea. When inspiration hits, follow it.

Make the best alternatives: Develop your mental attitude. Ask yourself” Have any alternative ways?. Make the best alternatives.

Think out of the box: Mind it every box has limited space. But out of the box space is unlimited. So think out of the box. Avoid common designs.

Find out the negative points of your designs: Ask yourself what is the negative side of your designs? Find out, why is this not the best design? Improve more and again improve more your design quality. At a time you hear to your heart this is the best design and that’s the winning design. 

Share with me the other methods do you use and what do you think “how to be creative ? “.

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